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EMB DS-ring characteristics and effects
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  • EMB DS-ring characteristics and effects

    The EMB DS ring is the result of a consequent development of the well-known EMB cutting ring and is distinguished by the following characteristies.

    Because of the constructive design of the cutting geometry, the edges do not cut simultaneously, but one after the other, although the cutting diameters are exactly the same. Thereby an improved cutting effect is achieved as well as much greater steadiness during excision at the end of the installation with only slightly more effort _.

    The DS ring has a limited surface that signals the end of the installation owing to its location

    within the body cone. And thereby a force increase is perceptible _.

    As both cuttings, as well as the central section, have a supporting effect within the cone, the force is widely diffused there and thereby ensures a secure holding function _.

    A rising strength is imparted to the whole length of the ring and flows over the ring on to the body cone and the cone of the nut. This effect arises from the conical design of the inside end _.

    The conical surface opposite the cutting edges is highly finished, thereby reducing the loss by

    friction during the installation and resulting in a stronger grip. Besides higher stability, the reinforced end of the DS ring reduces friction and takes the pressure off the base of the nut.

    The required reduction of the cross-section optimizes the radial stability and thereby keeps the tube secure _. The stop area clearly limits overwinding by the bearing at the stud’s front

    surface _.

    According to current expectations of the fluidic installations market, the connecting points of pipes, installations, etc., should be fitted with soft sealing elements, preferably elastomer materials, to satisfy the demand for effective sealing. This is particularly important in connection with long-term seals that are subject to extreme stresses in order to protect the environment and resources.

    EMB has developed the DSW ring to comply with this demand.

    The DSW ring complements the proven range of EMB pipe connections by providing a soft, elastomer-type seal on the pipe side.

    The ring can be used in standard screw connecting systems with a 24° cone in conformity with DIN 3881, form W, in conjunction with the union nut DIN 3870, form A, or screw connections according to ISO 8434-1.

    The important primary sealing function is handled by a soft elastomer sealing ring that is integrated in the metal ring for simple installation. It is profiled to match the sealing space, thereby guaranteeing positive fine sealing _.

    The hold function is performed by the metal ring with a special cutting edge shape with a 1. stable cutting edge and a 2. Rearward receding cutting edge _.

    To avoid the unfavorable notch effect with the pipe, the inner contour tapers off into a shallow shoulder end _.

    The thick shoulder area, which reduces the surface pressure exerted by the union nut, is followed by a cross-section reduction which contributes to secure pipe clamping _.

    The wide contact area, which is also the result of the maximum reinforcement of the middle

    section, ensures that the screw tightening force can be genuinely limited _.

    The profiled case surface rests against the body cone where it forms an additional metallic seal _.

    The elastomer sealing ring can always be easily exchanged..


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